SPAY OUR STRAYS LEXINGTON KYSpay Our Strays Lexington, KY | kNOwMORE Nonprofits: Animals [HD] Imagine how many animals we could save if every family that wants a pet adopted one from a shelter or rescue organization!! And in addition to helping precious animals find loving homes, we would also save money: reports that U.S. taxpayers spend from $1 – 2 Billion every year to pay for the impoundment, sheltering, euthanasia and disposal of homeless animals.

The ASPCA reports that while it is impossible to know for sure how many stray cats and dogs live in the U.S., estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million! And while 83% of pet dogs and 91% of pet cats are spayed or neutered, the Humane Society estimates that only 2% of community cats (feral and stray) are spayed/neutered – and these cats produce about 80% of the kittens born in the U.S. each year!

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