The Prosper Media Group incorporates a full service production facility that is dedicated to providing professional corporate video services Kentucky of the highest quality and standard. Since 1998 Prosper Media Group has delivered affordable and professional multimedia Kentucky video production services to a variety of local and national businesses of all sizes. Our services include: Flexible video production for all varieties of businesses and organizations; State-of-the-art digital HD equipment and dynamic post-production video editing design software. Our Lexington, KY studio facility provides efficient, convenient, and professional production resources. Ask us about 360 panorama photography and video as well as Aerial Photography and Video services. Located in Lexington, Kentucky our video production and award-winning marketing expertise is now available anywhere  in the world. Creative video production services. It’s what we do.

PROFESSIONAL CORPORATE VIDEO SERVICES KENTUCKYWATCH Our creative team has over 40 years of combined production experience within a variety of multimedia formats, including marketing, writers, videographers, editors and administration.

  • Full production capabilities including: on-location videotaping and  studio facilities.
  • Non-Linear editing suites.
  • An extensive music, image and F/X library.
  • Graphics, Animation and DVD authoring are also available.
  • Free Stock Footage

PMG Offers the Following Professional Video Services:

Pre-production consultation, scripting, Production design, Full HD and 4K On-location video production , HD and 4K Studio production, Post-production digital 4K editing services, HD Live event production, Broadcast television production, Website video production, Training video production, marketing consulting, multimedia formatting and video equipment.

PMG has an extensive music, image, audio and visual F/X library, videotaping, transfer, location scouting and casting- we have dozens of actors in our talent pool as well as voice actors from around the country. Graphic design, Animation and DVD authoring are also available.


  • 4K, 1080p, 30/60/120 fps ; 1/3” Progressive 3CCD HD; Up to 240 mb/s 1080p 60 Full Res HD
  • Digital 14 bit multi-channel XLR PCM Audio Recording
  • Canon, Olympus, Rokinon, Panasonic Prime and Zoom Lenses
  • 20+ MP Still Photography; Light Speed AF 0.1 second @ 120 fps.
  • 360 VR Video in 5K @ 30fps


  • Live Switch HD Studio Production
  • Green, Black or White Fabric Back drops; Light Grid + Floor Lighting
  • 400 sq. foot space + Changing area
  • Conference room /Waiting room / Kitchen


  • Non-Linear Digital Post-Production Editing
  • 4K, HD Ready; GFX / Footage / Music / Sound FX Library
  • DVD, CD, MDV, VHS, HD, BluRay, MPEG, MP4, MOV Formats
  • Audio mixing, composing, mastering, voice-overs


  • Multi-camera HD software control panel
  • Live Webcast or broadcast capability; Converts to h.264 HD files
  • Live 360VR Streaming also available
  • Facebook Live single or multicam streaming availabe


  • Halogen, LED & Florescent Light Kits; Reflectors, Soft boxes, barn-doors
  • Full Audio (wireless & wired); boom, shotgun and lapel microphones
  • Fluid Head Tripods, Monopods
  • Studio Voice-Over Audio Recording
  • Web Video Encoding/Streaming
  • Multi-format media authoring


  • Copy-writing / Scripting
  • Studio & Location Video Production– Multiple & Single Camera
  • Broadcast Television, Documentary, Film, Commercials, PSAs, Programming.
  • Promotional, Corporate & Training Videos


We’ve been privileged to work with a variety of agencies to develop marketing plans,  create media proposals and perform financial analysis. We bring to the table a perfect combination for any aspect of media consulting from budget to post production- Television, Print, Web & Radio. Contact Us to learn more.

  • Strategic relationships with Network, Cable, Radio & Web.
  • Product or Service Scripting / Branding
  • Customizable Pricing Options / Non-Profit Rates
  • Pre-production to Post; Scripting to Broadcast
  • Professional Consulting in Marketing/Media/Advertising

Free Stock Footage


Please watch some of the samples from a few of our successful client projects. Hover over the slider to reveal custom video services description. Move cursor off slider to hide captions.

Introducing our managed video production service solutions. If your company, organization or business has a need for professional internal video production services on a regular basis, one of these options may be for you.

tempur sealy trainingWATCH! Corporate video production service may include live event recording or webcasting, training, compliance, team-building, instructional/tutorial, HR orientation, special guest speaker presentations, sales and marketing or community engagement projects. All managed service packages include local network server storage and backup of all video footage and assets as well as editing timeline preservation so that changes may be made to your video without having to recreate the entire project. Many packages also include access to our libraries of music, sound effects, graphics, stock footage and digital visual effects and templates. Your organization will be hiring not just an individual, but a TEAM with over 30+ years of combined award-winning production experience and have access to professional video recording and editing hardware and software plus a green screen production studio with multiple cameras, teleprompter and live stream capability.


• Pre-production Multimedia Video Consulting
• Dual Camera Location production
• Post Production Editing
• Green Screen Studio
• Live Switch Multi-Cam Media Switch (Up to 3 cameras)
• Technical / On-Camera Training
• Server Back-up
• Timeline storage
• Media Storage
• Local availability
• 30+ Yrs of Experience
• SFX, GFX, MUSIC, Template library
• In-House Editing Suite
• Video Camera Access (1 Camera / tripod)
• Lighting Gear Access (3 lights)
• Audio Gear Access (1 lapel microphone)


corporate video production packagesWe have SIX flexible managed service video packages available for every size organization with multiple video needs. Please CONTACT US with any questions so that we can help match your organization with the best option. CALL: 888.528.1999



You may also choose to donate any unused time package credits to the kNOwMORE Fund and sponsor our educational television series on PBS affiliate, KET.

knowmore testimonialsWATCH! The kNOwMORE Fund is a convenient way for socially responsible organizations to make the best use of any unused monthly production time. This time may be banked in the fund until the organization has accumulated enough for a full show or feature segment sponsorship!