Food Amongst Friends, or FAF, is a monthly dining club open to the community.  Each individual within the club will prepare and host a main course meal once per 6 months while attending dinners hosted by other members the remaining 5 months. Cuisine must be varied and consist of a variety of global themes which will be pre-selected at the start of each 6 month “world tour”.  Individual dining groups will meet once per month.   No dining group will ever be the same, you will meet and eat with different people each month until you have completed your 6 month “world tour”.


The purpose of the club is to experiment and explore new cooking themes and most importantly to expand horizons by meeting new people, sharing ideas and conversation at a place we often forget about- our homes.
A voluntary cash membership donation of $15 will be used only to cover any administrative expenses (website, etc.).  However, volunteers are very much needed to help coordinate, promote and bring ideas to this venture.

It is recommended that dinner guests (those not hosting) in each group bring a bottle of wine; appetizer; or desert related to the theme of the main course.  The expected cost per evening for those preparing a meal should be kept within $50-$100 but there is no official minimum or maximum; this will be left to the featured culinary artist’s discretion. Select recipes courtesy of  All Recipes.


    • ALL HOSTS MUST HAVE THEIR DINNER DATE SCHEDULED by the first of the month in which they are hosting, if not sooner.
    • Please use DOODLE for your RSVP invites as this keeps unnecessary emails to a minimum. It does not require a login or registration to use this free service, so be courteous and do so. http://www.doodle.com/
    • Attending dinners IS NOT VOLUNTARY. As a member of the club and a respectful guest, you should make every conceivable effort to attend your dinners pending medical or family emergencies.
    • It is good social practice as a guest, to bring a food related item or beverage to your host’s dinner.
    • Recruiting new members is encouraged and necessary to keep the group thriving and the mix of people varied. PLEASE DO SO! You are welcome to invite any prospective friends to your hosted dinner so they can get a “taste” for what it is like and then join the next round.
    • Groups do not have to eat on the same date but cuisine themes should be consistent among groupseach month.
    • A spreadsheet has been developed in order to randomly organize group members in advance. Names will be drawn at the onset of each 6 month world tour at the ice-breaker socials.
    • There will be 6 club members per dinner group. 1 host and 5 guests.
    • Groups decide amongst themselves on dates to host the meal All Group members must attend.
    • Voluntary Membership Donation $15
    • Facebook & Blog Sites have been setup. FB: Food Amongst Friends; WP: foodamongstfriends.wordpress.com
    • Cuisine themes will are nominated by group members and will be chosen at the onset of each new 6 month tour.
    • If applicable, hosts may donate leftovers from each dinner to a local charity/soup kitchen or they may collect any voluntary donations to a charity of their choosing. In the past, we have collected for Food For The Poor.Lexington KY Dinner Club Food Amongst Friends

      Lexington KY Dinner Club Food Amongst Friends


Want to learn more, ask questions, share recipes or join dinner club?

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