ASHLAND HENRY CLAY ESTATE Lexington KYAshland Henry Clay Estate Lexington KY. In this segment, we learn about one of Kentucky’s most famous politicians, Henry Clay, as we take a journey to Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate! This property is maintained by the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation, which is a nonprofit that is responsible for preserving Ashland as a national historic landmark. The foundation was founded in 1926.

“I am in one respect better off than Moses. He died in sight of, without reaching, the Promised Land. I occupy as good a farm as any that he would have found, if he had reached it; & it has been acquired not by hereditary descent, but by my own labor.” – Henry Clay.

This estate was a pASHLAND HENRY CLAY ESTATE - Lexington, KYlace Henry Clay held very close to his heart and brought him much happiness. On a tour of this landmark you can learn about Henry Clay and his accomplishments as a statesman, attorney, and farmer as well as take in the sights of this beautiful landmark and hopefully experience the same emotions the beauty gave Clay.ASHLAND HENRY CLAY ESTATE - Lexington, KY

At this landmark there are many different exhibits showing what he accomplished in life, and exhibits about his legacy after death including the three US war ships named after him and his estate. The mansion also hosts an exhibit about how the Civil War affected the estate. The largest battle in Lexington was actually fought on the land of the mansion, so there’s quite an interesting narrative to be shared about that during this episode of kNOwMORE!

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This episode is sponsored by Ohio County Tourism.ASHLAND HENRY CLAY ESTATE - Lexington, KY

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