Paducah Channel 2 Downstream Tuesdays 4:00pm

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This event is running from 23 June 2020 until 27 October 2020. It is next occurring on August 18, 2020 4:00 pm

  • Venue: Paducah Television
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Paducah Channel 2 Downstream TuesdayPaducah Channel 2 Downstream Tuesdays @ 4:00pm on Channels 2 and 11. Our schedules are also available through our Channel 2 interactive bulletin board from noon till 4pm, Monday – Friday, and 12am Saturday through 8am Monday.  Our programming schedule is also listed in the entertainment section of The Paducah Sun newspaper. For more info you may also contact PMG.

TV Station:  Paducah Television

Phone: (270) 534-3208

Paducah Channel 2 Downstream Tuesdays 4:00pm