October already?! Please enjoy this quarter’s tips and tricks for using video to further your goals. In this edition we’ll provide insight on 360 video, a sneak peak at our new Downstream episodes and some useful links to some cool video tech info, how-to & DIY. Check out programming information for our educational television series, Downstream and 4X EMMY-nominated kNOwMORE. We GUARANTEE you will learn something 4X per year! 360 VIDEO MARKETING LEARN MORE

Quarterly Quote: Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.” – Mark Twain

You’ve realized how important video is as a communications tool whether that be training, sales, promotion or information, so think of 360 as the next big step- with a certain unique WOW factor.
With 360 video you get not one but at least a half dozen camera angles working for you at once, so it’s efficient.
If you’d like to showcase a location or event, your viewers get the full perspective and they can act as director looking at what they want, when they want whether via virtual glasses, their mobile device or computer.Is it effective? Click thru rates for 360 videos are 4.5% vs .6% for standard video. And 98% of Americans feel 360 video is more exciting to watch when it comes to recording events.
But how do my viewers watch this new technological magic?  Well, more and more platforms are adopting viewing capabilities including Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo. Allowing you to share links or even embed video on your own site or mobile app.Be sure to check out donein360.com and remember, the Internet is a crowded place. Start engaging your audience with video. 360 VIDEO MARKETING LEARN MORE. Done In Sixty Seconds, It’s Professional, Made Easy.

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Louisville, KY—PMG, in partnership with Louisville Water and the Louisville Metro Sewer District announce two new episodes of the educational travel adventure series “DOWNSTREAM”, currently airing on KET. Come discover the liquids of Louisville, including scenic paddles on the Ohio River, Floyds Fork and Beargrass Creek as well as a look at the historic Louisville Water Tower and museum.
Our visit to Louisville features a unique story with the Louisville Metro Sewer District and what really happens when liquids go down the drain. We’ll take an in depth look at how water from the Ohio becomes some of the best tasting tap water in the US. Along the way we stop in at the Frazier Museum and learn about Prohibition in Kentucky, before trying brews from Against the Grain and Apocalypse Brew Works, where a special beer is made from Beargrass Creek water.
Other featured stories include the Falls of the Ohio, Stitzel Weller Distillery and some avid dragon boat paddling ladies with a very good cause. The second episode finishes up with a taste of every craft beer in Kentucky!Airing throughout the year on the KET family of channels as well as regional stations in Paducah, Louisville, Northern Kentucky and the Bluegrass region.


KETKY: Sat, 10/28 at 9:30a ET
KETKY: Sat, 11/4 at 9:30a ET
KETKY: Mon, 11/27 at 5:30a ET

Last year PMG produced an episode on Kentucky nonprofits helping those with disabilities and included in that show was Louisville’s Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. The story was so popular that they invited us back to produce an additional promotional piece on the organization. In 2017 PMG was contacted by an Ignite Louisville team to help produce some PSA TV ads for the organization. All in all it has been a delight to work with the Kids Center and be part of their mission.
“Working with you and your team has been a delight from day one and you continue to provide support in very impactful ways.  We are very grateful!” – Sue Fenske
Click above to watch our kNOwMORE story on the Kids Center or tune into the entire episode on airing on KETKY later this summer. 

KETKY: Every Tuesday in Nov at 1:30p ET
METRO LOUISVILLE: Sat 7:30p, Sun 8p, Mon 2a, Tue 12p
PADUCAH 2: Mon 4p,Tues 7p, Wed 8a,
CCTV (Campbell Co): Tue 3p

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