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Introducing POVI! A unique marketing tool for professional services including physicians, specialists, dentists, attorneys or CPAs. A “POVI”, or professional online video introduction provides your current and potential client base a one-on-one virual meeting with your staff. As an interactive and highly effective alternative to static text bios, these videos will showcase your team and create a sincere illustration of who they are trusting their work to, and when it comes to health, legal issues or money, people want to know who they can trust. Take your marketing to the NEXT level and create an unparalleled advantage.  Learn more about our flexible packages & custom taylored services below:


 Starting around $1000 / video

on location physician video serviceWe’ll coordinate a location shoot based on your schedule and interviewee availability. You can schedule up to 4 physicians per day to maximize economy and efficiency. Our professional team will come to your location and setup a high definition 2 camera interview with appropriate lighting and audio gear. Choose the best ambient background in your facility or we can bring a backdrop to use. Interviews typically last from 15-30 minutes each.   Depending on how you prefer to schedule we can capture video of the interviewee “on the job”, further capturing personality and interaction with staff and/or patients.* This process may take an additional 30-45 minute but will truly add depth and character to the video. Feel free to provide us with any additional still photographs that might help tell the story.

* require release forms

  • Full Day Rate –or-
  • Half Day Rate
  • Dual HD Broadcast Cameras
  • Footage / Images
  • Multiple Template Options
  • :60 – 3:00 duration
  • Video Insurance

* local and nation-wide services available


 Starting under  $1000 / video

video introductionsSimply provide our team with some images and a narrative script and we’ll produce a professional video introduction with music, live actor voice-over narration with graphics and on-screen titles. This is a simple yet effective way to promote your team without the time involved in an on-location production, allowing you to save money and stand out.

Our post-production team will put together each video based on the layout of your choice which will be formatted with your organization’s branding, colors, logo, etc. These 1 to 2 minute videos will then be created in a multimedia format of your choice to be used in your social media, mobile applications and website.

  • Voice-Over Narration
  • Uploaded Images
  • Multiple Template Options
  • :60 – 2:00 duration
  • Video Insurance

* order a video from anywhere in the world

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